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Exotic Island Excursion to Saona


As you embark on a 25 minutes flight over the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic. Take in the vistas as you soar over the white sandy beaches and palm trees where you'll see the real countryside, it's farms and fields. After a short ocean crossing your helicopter lands you right on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Exotic Saona Island.

Get ready for one of the best seaside meals you'll ever have where your feet are literally in the sand and your table is set within steps of the ocean!

"Langosta" is Spanish for "Lobster", the big ones! Caught by the village fishermen fresh from the waters right off the coast the night before your arrival! They prepare the Lobster with century old seasonings over a wood fire tha gives it that unforgettable flavor you'll dream about months after you return home!

Enjoy the all you can eat buffet that includes grilled chicken, conch and fresh fish. Now let's add Dominican rice and "Tostones" (a local favorite), potatoes, pasta, salad, fruits and breads!

Thirsty? We include all the Aged Rum, Presidente Beer and sodas and water you can drink for the entire time you're on the Island!

Spend your time with your feet in the ocean, enjoy a massage, or browse the local gifts shops loaded with handmade items crafted by the local residents from the island.

After an experience like this, reboard your Helicopter and get the camera out for your return flight over the majestic natural beauty of the Dominican Republic. Takes a lot of pictures because your friends and family back home can't imagine the beauty of Exotic Island Excursion to Saona!